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About Aura

Aura Boutique, established in 2017, is owned and operated by Jennifer Bartlett in Tell City, Indiana.

An Aura is a ray of color composed of energy that flows around living things. Each layer of your aura is said to correspond to a different chakra. There are seven chakras. They are Root (or physical layer), Sacral, Emotional, Astral (or heart chakra), Spiritual (or throat chakra), Intuitional (or third eye), and Absolute (or crown chakra). Each layer corresponds to a different element of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. There is no formula, everyone's energy changes. You can cleanse and repair your aura. It is important to have all of your chakras aligned and balanced. 

When it comes to what you decide to wear each day, regardless of the occasion, you should feel beautiful, confident, and ready to conquer your day. You may just be getting dressed for work, to run errands, or you may have an appointment for important photos that will be showcased proudly on the wall for years to come. My job isn't just to sell you an outfit. My job is to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best, are comfortable, and can help you enjoy the day even more, by having a smile on your face and feeling untouchable! Every choice we make and our mindset can influence our life day to day. I truly try to connect and understand each customer's wishes!
Aura offers stylish, unique, comfortable, and affordable high quality boutique clothing. Specializing in Women's sizes Small-3X, you'll also find jewelry, accessories, home, body, & gift collections also! Each product carried by Aura has been carefully hand selected! Shop with confidence! 
If you're local, enjoy SAME DAY "Porch Pickup" of online orders! You can also shop by appointment! (Send a message when you'd like to come by, Aura will be open! On YOUR schedule!)

I pride myself on attention to detail and customer service. From the moment you start browsing the website, or walk through the door, it's all about YOU! I try my best to go above and beyond for every customer. Your very own Personal Stylist! I can help you find the perfect outfit you're looking for, personal style your whole family for family photos or an upcoming event, or if you're in the mood for something new! I'll also show you tips and tricks with apparel that will disguise areas of discomfort and accentuate confidence areas! I hope to create not only a wonderful shopping experience, but a lifelong friendship as well.

Make sure to tune in to social media platforms for up-to-date news on new arrivals, sales, and anything else we may share. Aura is active with customers, and love hearing from all of you and seeing pictures of you rocking that perfect outfit or having a great time enjoying yourself! You’ll often times see many customer photos shared both on social media, and the store website! Aura Boutique proudly “shows off” each and every customer!

If you want to get styled, need help finding something, or the site gives you any trouble, or have a question about any product, just send an email! 

Thank you for shopping Aura Boutique and supporting Small Business!