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Giving credit where credit is due... 

Here you'll find local businesses that deserve recognition, or a "shout out" for one reason or another. Photography, location, etc. I may just mention them because I think it's a place you should check out some time if you're ever in our neck of the woods. There's always something uplifting about a local small business. The older the better! General stores are my favorite! We aren't that "old school" in our area, but the local small businesses that are here, all share those same values and charm.

Castlewood Corporation - Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Flooring 
711 Schiller Street Tell City, IN 47586

Walls' Drive-In - Food
3911 US Highway 66 E Cannelton, IN 47520 

Bliss Artisan - Food 
600 Humboldt Street Tell City, IN 47586

Crystal Dawn Photography - Photography
847 Main Street Tell City, IN 47586

Jessica Casebolt Photography - Photography
907 Jefferson Street Tell City, IN 47586